Power Of Visuals

Imagination is such a wonderful mechanism of our mind. Imagination is made up of visuals, visuals are made up of words that we have saved in our system for years. When i say water, your mind creates an image of water in your head.You will see the most recent visual of water.

mip8When i say bird an image of crow, or sparrow or whatever bird you are fond of or whatever you have imagined as a bird for years will swim up in your memory.

Visuals have a great impact on the heart and mind of human being. We live in an era where we our bombarded with endless visuals; be it the whats app, facebook, on the hoardings , on TV screens, in the newspapers, magazines, internet and all around us there
are some visual that communicates to us.

Photography is a very integral part of visuals. A photograph has the power to generate emotion and tell a story if it is composed in the right way. Photography is an art which can be developed, with Consistent Self motivated Efforts. Like every art form , even photography requires tremendous patience and discipline. ""I click what I see", this is what MOST people do, I see something, I like it and I just click a picture of it. Sometimes it turns out to be fantastic, sometimes it is not all that great but anyways it doesn't matter because I have something to show right!

Well, right! but if I have the tool that is a "camera" then why not focus on creating wonderful pictures?

I Am going to do just that.To all the photography enthusiasts, I am going to share with you my experiences in the journey of photography and life. You are welcome to share yours and together lets create some visually beautiful, impactful,appealing pictures. Click Click

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