It was Sunday, when I was looking at the sky.
I wondered it’s so beautiful and high,

It’s so bright and blue in the day, as if trying to say please don't foul me this way.

Mother nature has given us such beautiful world, But we men without impulse make wrong use of her. But now in this world none has time to think so.

All are busy in their work with watch on their wrist and running on their toe.
The world is not remained divine and peaceful as it was ages ago.
But now filled with violence wars to and fro.

Bloodshed here and there people are crying for shelter somewhere,
Where there is peace and friendliness everywhere,
Where one can sing with their heart's content, No sorrow can reach the men though.

To create and preserve the peace in the world Be loving, friendly and helpful to all
So pledge with me oh! my friends. United we will and United we can, Make this world a heaven again!

By Mitu
written in 1998


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