Need For Silence

In this buzzing world of communication, each one of us need to take a break and connect with our inner self. With the need of fulfilling our commitments on our professional and public front we tend to avoid our self. There is a need to be with our own self in silence. We are so use to be occupied to do something or think something continuously that inaction makes us insecure and restless.

In meditation we get aware of our self, we relax our self and we reach to the stage of thoughtlessness, A state which is attained after sitting religiously in the seat of meditation consistently every day.

You need to give yourself the wonderful experience of the mystical silence where you can tap your untouched potential where you can channelize your negativity and where you can view world from different angle. While praying you are speaking to god, in meditation god speaks to you. Meditation influences your thoughts and develops acceptance, patience, unconditional love. It tunes you into the frequency of the universe. Once you connect with the universe there you realize that we are surrounded with Abundance.


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