Life is a game

Zip Zap Vroom!
The thoughts are speeding zoom!
They are standing in Que,Ready to jump on you.
Each fights with another,seeking for undivided attention.
Listen to me one thought stomps and says.
While other pinches you to contemplate.

All These are pawns,The king is waiting back;
When all the pawns over do.
The majesty will take charge;
And shake your system,only to tell you
'Quieten your mind,Train your thoughts'
Or else your brain will remain Just a Grey matter stock.

Be aware and fight the pessimist ones,
Which creates doubts and paralyzes you with fear.
Encourage and multiply positive thoughts
Which will guide you, Free you from fear and give you faith.

Life is a game,
Thoughts are pawns
Making right moves by entertaining right thoughts
Life Will give you gifts of lovely lively sorts

By Mitu

king king

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