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Ever since the inception of Mind Poppers Photography I have had the fortune of meeting path breakers and innovators. I have had the pleasure of meeting some best of talents in our country Sanna is one such gem of a person whom I captured with my lens and got to know her better.

Today I take this opportunity to introduce you to a Singer, Songwriter, Author and Teacher, who believes that the ultimate goal of any ART form is to take one Beyond into the Higher Realms. Her Music, Her Writings and Her Voice tend to touch the Deepest Chords of Your Heart and Soul.  

I have had the fortune of listening to her melodious songs live and when you listen to her music, it will transport you to a world of shunya. You are not there but just the experience. Much after listening to her, her voice will linger and befriend you in one of those crucial moments of life.

On this guru Poornima day 31st July 2015 Sanna launched a song dedicated to the Guru of our lives.
Born in the sacred spaces of a spiritual retreat engulfed by very high cosmic energies, “Guru and Me” is a compilation of ‘Dohas’ (Couplets) expressing gratitude towards “Guru” at the same time addressing how Sanna lives her life as a disciple now that she has the blessings of a “guru"




M:How long did it take for you to compose, write and record this song?
S:It was a process, in parts actually, the lyrics kept happening over time, the song was not predecided, so it kept revealing itself a little at a time. I had already performed it for my Guru “Mahatria Ra” at an event two years back. And then of course the arrangement took a while, as this song is from my upcoming album, we actually invested almost a year in getting the backgrounds and recordings of all songs done bit by bit.

M:Why did you chose this specific theme for a song?
S: Indian tradition places a “Sadguru” much Higher than God because it is the Guru who sets you on that path of Higher Truth and a Centred Life. Sometimes you can just express what hundreds of hearts are actually feeling and it becomes a song.

M:What thought process, or incident triggered the conception of this song? 
S:I was at a Spiritual retreat under the Guidance of my Guru, and the Love, Bliss, and Oneness just expressed itself out. I also realised till now we’ve heard enough songs with praises about a “guru” but this song has an element where a disciple kind of pledges as to how he/she is living life on the path of truth, under the blessings and guidance of a "Guru”




M:Which language have you used to express this song?
S:Traditional Hindi which comes from my training in Hindustani Classical, it wasn’t intentional though. As I said, this song happened, so lyrics just kept happening as I had pen on paper. In fact I remember coming back and actually searching for the meanings of a few words, I wasn’t even sure if they existed...

M:What is Special about this song?
S:A lot of things. One, it is written in a very different format of ‘dohas’ . Second as I mentioned earlier the context of Guru disciple relationship and thirdly,the musical treatment that makes it so special. I wanted it to be joyous, I wanted it to be intense, something that one can entrain to, lose himself to and dance into nothingness. Really Intense at the same time I wanted to maintain the grace of the lyrics and the melody, the gentleness and calmness in the voice.
So it was a number of long sessions that we brainstormed upon how we artists want to present it and then one day the guitars took off, the drums took off, and there we were with a fusion. I never had thought this song would turn out like this and I’m more than glad it did... I think kudos to the team, they’ve done a fantastic job on this one...



M:How did you become involved in the type of music you play/sing now?
S:I have always wanted to do all Kinds of Music, from pop, Rock, Inspirational, Devotional, Classical, Folk, Fusion, anything that touches the heart. And I do all of them, my guiding principle although remains to use Art as a medium to lift the thought and emotion of people, introduce them to Higher ways of the Being. But I would also Love to do music just for fun too sometime soon.

M:How would you describe your music for the public audience if they have never seen you before?
S:Anything that is soulful. ... Anything that can give my listeners a wonderful experience to carry with them for a lifetime, so basically an Experience.... Other than that I don’t like to compartmentalise my music because Music is Free, It gives you wings, it breaks all boundaries....

M:What has been the biggest challenge for you ?
S:To get the right team to work with. .. I think. When you work with a team, each member has to live the song as his own, the song has to first enter him/her and then a part of him has to be expressed and live in the song and then it becomes eternal... a legacy to live much beyond our life spans.

M:What has been your strong influence to continue performing?
S:The Blessings, Love and training I was showered with by my Teachers whether it’s Music or Otherwise. They gave me a medium to express and what power expression has, the world is yet to understand.... It will sometime soon.


M:When things seem to go negatively at times, how do you turn things into something positive?
S:I remind myself of my vision, what I want to do in my life, I count my blessings... or then Simply listen to nice piece of Music and I’m Back. Of course the teachings of my Guru are constantly there in the background guiding me at each step.

M:Which musician/songwriter/ singer do you admire?
S:So many. I love listening to old Black and White Hindi Film Music, that music is so simple and melodious. I enjoy world music and the current scene in world music with Indian Classical/ folk and western influences blending perfectly. It speaks about our civilization that is ready to accept and appreciate each other’s cultures and traditions with open arms. It’s good for the world. I don’t have a particular favourite though, I just like music that touches me, no matter whom and where it comes from.


M:Do you have a website of any type? 
S:My music can be heard at 
www.reverbnation/sanna1 where we also have a free android app available.



Interview by Mitali Rajadithya

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