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There is a beautiful place in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Jaynagar- in Bangalore, which is serene; cosy and colourful. It catches your eye with its unique name, Enerjuvate. As you spend some time here you will realise the name resonates with the place.
Enerjuvate is a unique café - studio- boutique that fulfils your need to nourish your body with lip smacking healthy food and also provides a place to sweat it out in creative ways. It goes on to tease you by showcasing some pretty curated crockery, jewellery and clothes. 



  Enerjuvate was launched in January 2017 and since then they have conducted interesting workshops like Kalari, Aerial yoga Pilates, Zumba, Street Jazz and Energy Medicine to name a few. The Vivacious duo Sunayna Hiran and Darshana Nahata, co-founders of Enerjuvate, are striving to give people a holistic experience; one that creates lasting positive memories. Through food, workouts and workshops they are aiming at celebrating health,culture and people. They want People to be high on health.



     L -Sunayana R- Darshana  
Sunayana and Darshana follow an active and healthy lifestyle. It is the amalgation and reflection of their personal journey,
And understanding the need of a place to unwind and recharge which gave birth to Enerjuvate.

 I was invited to Enerjuvate for experiencing the food and the studio. I grabbed the opportunity to capture the exquisite dishes.I will be sharing snaps of incredible yummy dishes that are made with love by the happy staff at Aasan Payasam, the cafe area of Enerjuvate. I was taken by surprise with the array of colourful nutritious dishes they have and felt special to relish them.

Let's take a peep into the kitchen of Aasan Payasam.

Dont blame me for the hunger pangs that follows after viewing these delightful dishes

The Thai DIY Paan

Salad in a Jar

dp sij

Ah! This is such a mouth watering appetizer. Tangy and spicy a Thai version of Paan.Fragrant lemon grass clubbed with veggies and condiments it’s a perfect way to get started.

Salad in a Jar is layered with greens, with shredded carrots,chickpea,onion and tomato    sprinkled with Enerjuvate's special pomegranate salad dressing. It is Yumm!

Tandoori Tadka

Oven Baked Nachos Platter

tt nac

Warm Tandoori tofu and lentil sprouts with crisp naan bits it is a very innovative salad.
I thought of it to be like a chat with firangi touch. 

 Crispy oven baked nachos with beans, chunky salsa and vegan cheese sauce garnished with jalapenos and fresh greens bit is a great conversation starter

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Mad about Mushrooms
rhcp mam

Whoever said Pizzas are not healthy haven’t seen this yet.
Zesty peppers, fresh chillies, marinara sauce and balsamic melted cheese on crispy ragi and jowar pizza base is a dream come true. If you are on diet, you can enjoy this guilt free. You can also ask for a Vegan option.

Agilo olio style chilli garlic roasted mushrooms topped with fresh herbs and feta cheese on crispy ragi and jowar pizza base

Hot Harissa Carrot pizza

Protein Pav Makeover

rhp ppm

Sliced harissa roasted carrots,spiced greek yogurt sauce sprinkled with pomegranate vinaigrette 

Whole wheat pav, power packed sprouts tikki with sweet and sour chutney, with roasted green chilly.

Scrambled Tofu Mania

Frankie Inspired Wraps

stm fiw

Scrambled Tofu Mania is Healthy and Tasty comfort food

Goodness of veggies rolled in a wrap with tangy, spicey chutney to go with it

Mumbai Masala Sandwich


mms n Untitled-1

Brown bread with veggies and herbs

 Crispy, cheesy Yummy. Must try

Veggie Zoodle Bowl

Magic Millet 

zb mm1

Zucchini noodles tossed in Italian red sauce garnished with cheese.
It is Pasta With a twist 

Italian herbed millet served with your daily dose of vegetables.Traditional meal with a twist

Choco Chia Cup


This dessert is sooooo good, creamy, chocolatey loaded with nutrients. You have to try it!



Aasan Payasam uses freshly baked breads every day. They also make their tomato ketchup from scratch every day.
Their focus is on serving fresh organic food day in and day out. This is a must visit place for Vegans, vegetarians and health conscious foodies.

For all the people who don’t have time to visit, don’t miss out on the yummy nutritious food. You can order on swiggy for home delivery.

Enerjuvate encourages diverse talent to showcase their work through workshops, pop ups and events.
If you have something exciting to offer get in touch with them on facebook.Contact Enerjuvate

Thanks to Darshana Nahata and Sunayana Hiran "Let's Enerjuvate" might become a cool lingo soon enough.

Food Styling: Enerjuvate
Photography and write up by Mitali Rajadithya
For MindPoppers Photography

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