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mitaliMitali Joshi Rajadithya the founder of 'Mind Poppers', pursued her Journalism and Mass Communication from Xavier’s Institute of Communications Mumbai and it is here she learned the art of Photography. She wanted to be a journalist but life had a different calling.

Mitali's story

"In the month of January 2010, I got my first dance photography assignment and that was the start of my photography career. Ever since I have never looked back and I am enjoying and exploring the beautiful world of photography. Ansel Adams is my hero who inspires me and teaches me on my journey of photography.

I love working with people and I am passionate about creating photographs to be treasured and shared for years to come. My philosophy is a simple one; keep things as real as possible.I believe photographs should convey a sense of life and reflect who you are. It's about capturing mood, expression and emotion through the lens and portraying them with artistic vision. I love to tell a story through the photographs.

The existence creates such breath taking master pieces every moment with sky as its canvas. It’s a serendipity that I have always been able to capture the mystical moment of life in man made magical box.

Why the name Mind Poppers.

I was in my college when I coined the name 'Mind Poppers'. Not sure of the literal meaning, I believed it will be understood as Thought Provoking. I love the name because it creates curiosity and catches your attention.

Come to Mind Poppers to reinvent your personality, Come to Mind Poppers to celebrate your brands. Come to Mind Poppers and give us the opportunity to create memories for lifetime for you, your family and friends.

About Harsshh's

harsh_-_Copy.jpgHarsshh is fusion of entertainment, philosophy and creativity.Harsshh found his love in words, in the power of visual media and decide to pursue cinematography.

His thirst for creativity is portrayed in all form of expressions his poems, scripts, short films, ad films, dance, cinematography and photography.

His exposure to various fields gives him a unique perspective. He loves to experiment and is always ready to learn new trends.This makes his photography creative, quirky and candid.

He has worked with some of the talented dance groups and some of the coolest music bands of Pune, Mumbai and some International artists.

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